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Thank you for visiting Woodworking for Mere Mortals. This site and my life has changed so much since I created WWMM in 2008.

I’ve been woodworking since I was about 12 or so, watching and helping out my dad as he built and repaired things around the house. But what really got me hooked was when he bought a Shopsmith, and all-in-one tool that converted from a table saw to a drill press and a bunch of other tools. But what enjoyed the most was the lathe. And that was the official start of a woodworking life.

As I got older I became more interested than ever by watching Norm Abram on “The New Yankee Workshop” on PBS. It was just about the only video source for woodworking information back then. It was so much fun watching Norm make amazing furniture on that show, but wow…holy smokes he had some expensive stuff in his shop.

As a new homeowner in 2001, I wanted to set up a shop in my garage but didn’t exactly have a lot of money to drop on new tools, so I started acquiring low-end equipment and used tools I found at yard sales. These were some really cheap tools. But you know what? They worked fine, I made awesome projects, and I still use many of those same tools.

Woodworking ain’t about the tools. A lot of people who want to make stuff have been conditioned to believe woodworking is an expensive hobby, which is precisely why I created Woodworking for Mere Mortals…as a place of rationality.

Since my first YouTube video back in 2008, my mission hasn’t changed. I want people to know that you don’t need a lot of money, a lot of tools, or a lot of space to build cool stuff and have fun. In fact, this message is even more relevant today as we have entered a new era of content creators building massive “dream shops” and outfitting them with every high-end tool imaginable.

Last year I decided to put my money where my mouth is and create a guide to outfitting a shop for will new tools for under $1000. If you are skeptical, download my tool list and see for yourself. I even decided to create a comprehensive online woodworking course using just the tools on that list. Thousands of people, many with zero woodworking experience, have taken The Weekend Woodworker course and made their first ever projects in their first weekend.

Of course, I have tons of free videos to help you learn woodworking and lots of free woodworking plans. I am as passionate about creating WWMM videos as I am about woodworking. The show has evolved over the years and I am always excited to see where it leads. Thanks for being part of the journey!


Plus: A detailed video walking you through the first steps of creating it!



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