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  1. 7.62x54r
    May 30, 2014 @ 12:19 pm

    Pretty cool.

    When I need a circle I draw it in a CAD program first, then create a cut file for the CNC…… 😉

    I do have a set of trammel points, but I don’t remember ever using them.


    • Frank Ingram
      May 30, 2014 @ 6:22 pm

      I saw someone else mention a CAD program one time…what is that and is it something I should look into to help me do my projects. Could you answer me on Facebook?


    • 7.62x54r
      May 30, 2014 @ 6:59 pm

      I don’t do facebook.

      CAD is “computer aided drawing”. SketchUp that Steve uses is a version, although it’s more properly described as a 3D modeling program. Either or both are certainly useful when designing and planning woodworking projects, but tend to have pretty steep learning curves. If you’re not pretty quick with computers in general it’s probably going to be more frustrating than helpful.

      CAD is essential to CNC because you have to have the drawing to start with before you can cut a part. Okay, that’s not necessarily true, you can program directly in the code the machine uses, but that would be like using longitude and latitude to give directions to the corner store instead of a map with street names.


    • Manwyze
      August 2, 2014 @ 4:34 pm

      Draft Sight has a very good free version. You can find it at:
      Cad can be used for everything from designing a skyscraper to helping with simple shop tasks.
      For example: I needed to cut a precise but odd angle. I used Draft site to draw a line, and then draw another line at the angle needed. I printed it on a piece of heavy paper and cut it out with a razor knife. I could then use it to set a table saw or miter saw at the exact angle needed. This is even helpful for calibrating tools with 22 ½, 45, and 90 degree angles. The cad program is exact.


  2. Joe Lyddon
    May 30, 2014 @ 4:19 pm

    Hey Steve!

    Thank you for reminding us when we last saw this great tool! 🙂 🙂

    You did a very good job, as usual!

    As Columbo would say… One More Thing…

    If you made each end pointed, removed the pencil and nail, you would have ANOTHER great tool to measure Inside distances as well as check for Squareness…

    A perfect 3 in 1 tool!!

    Thank you very much!


  3. Danny
    May 30, 2014 @ 11:39 pm

    I just use some string, a pencil and an awl.


    • Manwyze
      August 2, 2014 @ 4:21 pm

      Doesn’t the string stretch sometimes?


  4. Marco Andrade
    May 31, 2014 @ 3:57 pm

    Steve! Always a pleasure watch your WWMM videos every Friday! Now, for the first time we’ve got captions in portuguese! Brazilian MeMo like me thank you for that…cheers mate!


  5. Hélio Cabral
    June 2, 2014 @ 9:28 am

    Hi Steve! I think it will be interesting if maby in mere minutes you show how you use Google Sketchup and how you pass from a 3D model to 2D to PDF plans. Thanks


  6. PPT
    August 8, 2014 @ 2:39 am

    Wanted to do something similar for a while, wonder if it can be modified to scribe arcs and irregular shapes


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